About Us

Flucon started as a Stainless Steel Valve Manufacturing Company. On customer demand, we focused on designing and manufacturing of specialized Stainless Steel products for OEMs and Process plants. We served Alfa Laval, Glaxo, Pfizer, Edible oil plants, Soft drink and Dairy plants within India.

With the onset of reforms to liberalize the Indian economy, we received and successfully completed export orders. By 1996, Flucon started regularly exporting Stainless Steel products that included pressure bearing, non-pressure bearing products and equipments to Europe, UK, Ireland and USA.

Today, as a manufacturing export house recognized by the Govt. of India, we help our customers meet the high hygienic regulations in Food and Pharmaceutical industries.

Flucon’s collective knowledge of designing and processing products of stainless steel and higher alloys, includes but not limited to, working with international standards like BS, ASTM, ANSI, DIN, SIS, IDF, SMS, Clamp-style and designs with CIP technology. We have designing, specialized machining, stamping, fabrication and six-course hygienic polishing. While the normal surface finish standard for us is better than Ra30, we regularly produce single digit surface finishes when needed.

We work closely with our customers in product designing and rapid product development. We specialize in transferring designs of products from world’s different standards to help our customers reach diverse markets beyond their own countries. With the services of our insightful and internationally qualified engineers, we cover the design cycle from scrap to finish product. During the past many years, we have earned customer trust which we consider extremely important besides our precise technical abilities and domain expertise.

Hemchandra S. Inamdar

Hemchandra S. Inamdar, Managing Partner