Quality Assurance

FLUCON is an ISO 9001:2015 approved manufacturer. Our quality systems are audited regularly by TUVWe have earned many laureates over the past decades but the top two of them are:

  • Customer confidence.
  • Our qualified, experienced, devoted and happy team.

Flucon hygienic stainless steel products undergo rigorous quality assurance checks and they are so clean you can use them directly out of the box. These are the products you can trust.

  • The raw materials are thoroughly audited and come only from suppliers with whom we have a long history.
  • We not only check and record the mill test cert, but in addition we check random samples from each lot of material at third party laboratories for chemical, physical tests and random microstructure. This means our products stand to the working conditions that they are designed for, as also offer excellent weld-ability on the plant-site, when needed.
  • Flucon manufacturing processes have Quality Assurance staff monitoring production for accuracy and efficiency. This team ensures fulfillment of customer needs and ensures precise measurement to specifications. Products manufactured, marked and packed by Flucon are inspected for compliance in every way. Flucon products have well documented traceability on materials – certified materials are used – all our products are accompanied with material test reports.
  • Products are thoroughly polished, marked, cleaned and packed in a systematic manner and shipped on time. All the care is taken so that the products reach you in mint condition.

Custom design + Consistent Quality + Custom marking + Excellent packing + Competitive price = Happy You.