BPE Fittings & Products

highest quality possible

for Biotech & Pharma

Flucon BPE fittings and products are developed to facilitate safe and easy installation that ensures optimum integrity of the piping installations. This complete range of fittings and products offer high and consistent quality, optimal weldability, thorough documentation and material test reports which meet the strict standards of the biotech, pharmaceutical and personal care industries.

Flucon uses high-grade, fully annealed stainless steel from trusted suppliers. Both chemical composition and passivity state are guaranteed to ensure maximum compatibility and integrity throughout the range. This simplifies welding and assures continuous high quality welds without cracks, voids, porosity, or joint misalignment that can promote contamination.

All Flucon BPE fittings are subject to rigorous quality control. Flucon performs all incoming and outgoing quality control and inspections and closely monitors every aspect of the manufacturing process – ­ from raw material sourcing to tolerance and surface finish inspection to packaging and labelling. Ovality and squareness tolerances and all surface finishes, for instance, are inspected with calibrated equipment. This helps ensure the highest quality possible.