Stainless Steel Clamp Blanks

Our Stainless Steel Clamp Blanks are most popular because we manufacture them only from Stainless Steel Circles cut from Solid Stainless Steel Certified plates, specially selected by us for making Clamp blanks. We do not use any casting or forging as they tend to create hair-line cracks and may provide inferior micro-structure. Our Clamp Blanks provide superior hygienic services and give complete peace of mind to the users as they have austenitic micro-structure with no chances of Chromium Carbide precipitation on grain boundaries like in castings/forgings. Our Clamp Blanks offer fit-and-forget service that they are designed for. Our normal finishes exceed 3A requirements. We provide custom marking and material test reports on our stainless ferrules. Custom packing as per requirement is offered.

Top Quality + Custom Marking & Packing = You win

Stainless Steel Clamp Blanks


304 Stainless Steel &  316L Stainless Steel 

We also manufacture

clamp blanks for NB sizes, permit clamp blanks, vented clamp blanks,

clamp blanks fitted with your choice of threaded or welded parts.