Stainless Steel Ferrules

Our Stainless Steel ferrules are most popular because we manufacture them only from Stainless Steel pipes specially drawn by us for making ferrules. We do not use any casting or forging as they tend to create hair-line cracks while welding. These cracks many a times are unseen to naked human eye and develop due to Chromium carbide precipitation at grain boundaries. Our ferrules give complete peace of mind to the users as they weld excellently and provide fit-and-forget service the SS tubing ferrules are designed for. Our normal finishes exceed 3A requirements. We provide custom marking and material test reports on our stainless ferrules. Custom packing as per requirement is offered.

Top Quality + Custom Marking & Packing = You win

Long Ferrules

6″,8″,10″,12″ 304 Stainless Steel &  316L Stainless Steel 

Short Ferrules

6″,8″,10″,12″ 304 Stainless Steel &  316L Stainless Steel 

Short Weld Ferrules

1″ thru 8″ Sch5 and Sch10  316L Stainless Steel

Long Weld Ferrules

1″ thru 8″ Sch 5 and Sch10  316L Stainless Steel

Tank weld ferrules,14 WQ Ferrules, DIN Ferrules & ISO Ferrules, Expanding Ferrules, I-Line Ferrules Thermometer cap, Female Adapters, Male Adapters,Hose Adapters, Rubber Hose Adapters

Stainless Steel Ferrules

Stainless Steel Large Ferrule

SS welding Ferrule

Custom MarkingStainless Steel Tank Weld Ferrule

Stainless Ferrule

14 WMP Ferrule


sanitary ferrule